Published: 09/19/2017
It is always important to recognize and treat any dental issues. Without a healthy mouth, your day-to-day life becomes much more difficult. If you have damaged or unhealthy teeth and are thinking about restoring your smile, dental implants in Moorestown, NJ and Medford, NJ offer the best solution. Dr. Canal and Dr. Calem offer this treatment to people in various stages of dental decay. As long as your gums and jaw are healthy enough, implants can make your mouth stronger while still looking and functioning like normal teeth.

Return to Normal Dental Health

Since the importance of healthy teeth cannot be overstated, having a durable replacement is very important. Dental implants attach to your jawbone and essentially make your mouth believe that a new tooth has sprouted. This stimulates and promotes bone growth, which helps the surrounding teeth stay strong and healthy.

Natural Look and Feel

Missing teeth have an undeniable impact on your day. Restoring your smile is not just about chewing food, it is about how you feel as a person. When you can smile confidently instead of worrying about your appearance, your quality of life drastically improves. Implants are designed to fit your mouth and match the color of your teeth, making it nearly impossible for anyone to tell the difference between an implant and a natural tooth.

Excellent Technology The science behind implanted teeth has come a long way, which enables Canal Calem Periodontics to offer this treatment to all sorts of patients. While some people may require a bone graft or some other form of tissue restoration, most patients with reasonably healthy gums are candidates for an implant procedure.

Get More Information

To learn more about dental implants, you should contact our offices in Moorestown, NJ or Medford, NJ. We are happy to answer any questions about the process for getting your new teeth, and we would love to get you started on the path toward a smile you can be proud of. Talk to Us About an Appointment