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The Frenulum: A Source of Restricted Movement and Cosmetic Imperfections

The frenulum is a thin strip of muscular tissue that attaches the gums to the upper lip between the upper two front teeth. Sometimes, this tissue restricts movement and can cause:

  • Gum recession above the two front teeth
  • Gaps between the two front teeth
  • Inability to properly close the mouth
  • Uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures

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Quick, Convenient Frenectomy Treatment

To correct a restrictive frenulum that is either too short, too tight or in the wrong place, Drs. Mario Canal and Partners may recommend a frenectomy. During this procedure, which often only takes a few minutes, our doctors numb the area with a topical anesthetic before they clip or remove the frenulum to allow normal range of motion. The recovery period is minimal, and our patients are consistently pleased with the results of this highly effective procedure.

Enhance Your Appearance Confidence and Bite Function

About a week or two following a frenectomy, your mouth should be healed so you can enjoy the benefits of this smile-changing procedure:

  • Eliminate pain or discomfort
  • Proper nose breathing and jaw development
  • More predictable results with orthodontic enhancements

Our doctors are committed to providing the best dental care available. With over 25 years of experience each, Drs. Canal and Partners have the knowledge and skillset required to deliver the exceptional results you deserve. Schedule your frenectomy consultation by calling us today
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