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With a 98% Success Rate, What Causes Some Dental Implants to Fail While Others Don’t?

Bone loss is a common concern in patients with missing teeth, because without teeth, the supporting bone does not receive the necessary stimulation it once did. For the successful placement of dental implants, a certain level of bone density is required to ensure proper stability for long-term smile restoration, or the implant could fail. In cases where there is not enough bone in the sinuses, the areas above the top two front teeth, Drs. Mario Canal and partners can perform a sinus lift to restore the bone levels in preparation for dental implants.

Dental Implant Success Rates Can Increase by as much as 7% with a Sinus Lift

Dental implants rely on adequate bone levels as they use a titanium screw that implants into the bone for support. Without this stability, the implants risk falling out, so by performing a sinus lift prior to implant placement, our doctors can ensure the area is well-equipped to handle the tooth replacement.

Bone Augmentation to Prepare for Tooth Replacement

By increasing the amount of bone in the sinus area through a sinus lift, our doctors can help patients that may not have previously qualified to dental implants get the tooth replacement they need. To perform the procedure, Drs. Canal and Partners will:

  • Numb the area with local anesthesia
  • Create a small opening through the bone to access the sinus cavity
  • Gently lift the sinus into the desired position
  • Insert bone grafting material

The grafting material encourages natural bone graft as it meshes with existing bone to increase the bone height in preparation for dental implants. About four to nine months following the procedure, the area will be healed and ready for implant placement.

You can get the tooth replacement you need. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a sinus lift could help.
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