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Rebuild Healthy Bone with Bone Grafting

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Most Jaw Bone is Lost During the 1st Year After Tooth Loss

When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone loses the natural stimulation it receives from the tooth roots as you bite and chew. This stimulation tells the body that it needs bone density in that area; but without it, the bone begins to resorb. Deteriorating bone leads to:

  • Loose teeth
  • Shifting or moving teeth
  • Teeth that fall out or need extraction
  • Unnatural jaw contouring
  • A changing facial appearance where the jaw looks sunken in
  • Insufficient environment for holding a dental implant

Bone grafting from Drs. Mario Canal and Partners is a reliable solution to rebuild bone levels and allow for dental implants.

Create a Solid Foundation for a Long-Lasting Smile

Bone grafting works by moving bone from another location of the body, or from a donor source, to the area of the jaw bone where it is needed. Our doctors use local anesthesia, or dental sedation if needed, to ensure your comfort during this procedure. The area will be completely healed within six to nine months, when you can move forward with tooth replacement. Recontouring the bone provides the foundation dental implants or implant supported dentures need to fuse to the bone and provide long-term smile restoration.

Live Life Confidently with Tooth Replacement

Your new smile can not only enhance your appearance and confidence, but it can return normal function as well. With missing teeth and changing facial features, patients often find it difficult to chew or speak normally. By replacing missing teeth after bone grafting, you no longer have to avoid favorite foods or shy away from conversation.

Dr. Canal Discusses the Importance of Bone Grafting

Dr. Canal and Partners, are active members of the community that dedicate their time to volunteering with the Special Olympics and Liberty Science Fair, and are committed to helping you achieve your smile goals. To learn more about bone grafting and how it can help you get your smile and appearance back, schedule your consultation today.
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