Published: 01/10/2024

Gum disease, far beyond causing occasional bleeding, stands as a severe and progressive condition with the potential for tooth loss, significantly impacting your overall quality of life. Fears of surgical interventions often deter individuals from seeking evaluation. However, contrary to common misconceptions, there exist several non-surgical options to treat gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, effectively preventing the looming threat of tooth loss.

Let’s explore these options in detail, shedding light on the comprehensive approach to periodontal health.

1. Regular Dental Cleaning: The Foundation of Periodontal Health

In the initial stages of gum disease, regular dental cleanings, at least biannually, can prove instrumental in halting its progression. Rigorous adherence to your dentist’s home care recommendations, including consistent flossing, enhances the effectiveness of these cleanings. Depending on the severity of your periodontal disease, more frequent cleanings may be necessary initially, reverting to a semiannual schedule once your gums regain health. Canal Calem Periodontics emphasizes the significance of this foundational step in preserving your periodontal health.

2. Scaling and Root Planing: Deep Cleaning for Lasting Results

For a more intensive approach, scaling and root planing tackle plaque and tartar both above and below the gum line. This procedure smoothens rough areas on or near the root, eliminating potential bacterial lodgings. The removal of sub-gumline material is complemented by the application of an antibacterial gel to eradicate any remaining bacteria. Local anesthetics are often used to ensure patient comfort during this process. In advanced cases, multiple sessions may be necessary. Post-treatment, minor discomfort and gum bleeding may occur, promptly resolved with the assistance of over-the-counter pain relievers often recommended by our incredibly experienced team. 

3. Medication: A Pharmacological Approach to Combat Bacterial Intruders

In certain scenarios, antibiotics play a pivotal role in destroying bacteria beneath the gum line, safeguarding tooth attachment, and preventing loosening and eventual loss. Over-the-counter and prescription mouthwashes, along with oral antibiotics, work synergistically to eliminate gum disease-causing bacteria. We emphasize the versatility of medication, which includes toothpaste formulations containing antibiotics, often used in combination with other treatments for enhanced efficacy.

Addressing Signs Promptly: A Call to Action for Healthy Gums and Teeth

If signs of periodontal disease manifest – tender, bleeding, or swollen gums, receding gums, bleeding after brushing, or loose teeth – procrastination is the adversary. Schedule an appointment at our Moorestown, NJ office without delay. Canal Calem Periodontics stands ready to guide you through a spectrum of non-surgical options, ensuring your journey to optimal periodontal health. Take proactive steps to preserve your teeth and gums’ vitality by exploring these effective solutions.

Conclusion: Your Periodontal Health, Our Priority

In conclusion, your periodontal health is paramount, and non-surgical interventions offer a robust defense against the progression of gum disease. Our team encourages you to act promptly, seeking professional evaluation and personalized guidance. Preserve the foundation of your oral health – your gums and teeth – by embracing these effective alternatives. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a path to lasting periodontal wellness.

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