Published: 08/30/2019
gum disease The human body is a complex mechanism. We have to take care of it all the time to remain healthy. Like other parts in our body, our teeth and gums also need to be healthy all the time for our body to function well. They should be cleaned every day and treated well. We have to take precautions so that no diseases attack them. That is why we must brush our teeth twice every day and floss daily.   If we don’t keep our teeth and mouth clean all the time, bacteria start to form. The bacteria in our mouth, along with other substances like mucus form a colorless sticky substance that we call plaque – plaque forms around our teeth. Cleaning our teeth and mouth regularly prevents plaque to form at a dangerous level. If we don’t keep it clean, the plaque can turn hard. When that happens, it will be difficult to get it out by just brushing our teeth. When the plaque hardens it turns into ‘tarter’ and the tarter becomes more harmful if you don’t get it cleaned by dental medical practitioners in time. The tarter thus formed will make our gums swell. When your gums become inflamed, gingivitis has most likely set in.  The inflamed gums could bleed easily when it becomes irritated. If you don’t get it treated at this point, it will lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is the accelerated disease of gingivitis. The gums will become so sensitive and loose, your teeth at this point are vulnerable to fall out. It will harm other bone in the mouth and tissues surrounding the gum.   It is important to visit your dentist as soon as you experience symptoms of sensitive gums and loose teeth. When you feel as if you could be suffering from any form of gum disease, whether it be gingivitis or periodontitis, your dentist will know exactly how to fix it. If your specific dentist can no longer handle how far the disease has progressed, they will send you to a recommended periodontist – someone who is a specialist for that specific disease.   Visit your dentist to learn more about your symptoms and how to prevent gum diseases. They are preventable and curable, so make sure you seek professional attention to rectify the problem. Talk to Us About an Appointment