Published: 10/03/2019

What’s a Sinus Lift? How Does It Help Support Dental Implants? Dental Implants are thought of as the preferred solution for replacing missing teeth. This is because the implants are permanent solution and because they don’t require a patient to give a patient any dietary restrictions. The function and design of dental implants causes them to function like your real teeth. Also, because your dental implants function like your real teeth this preserves your gum and jaw tissue.

The main reason why a patient would not be considered a good candidate for dental implants surgery would be if they have major gum recession and bone loss. This is typically the case for a patient who has put off seeking a replacement for their missing teeth for an extended amount of time. Please feel free to review all of the other instances below that can cause gum or bone loss to occur within a patient. • Periodontal disease • Trauma • Gum recession • Anatomical abnormality In all of these cases, a sinus lift can provide the bone graft necessary to support the implant.

Bone Grafts and Support Procedures There are quite a few different numbers of procedures that can place bones and tissues where it is necessary to support dental implants. One of these procedures is referred to as the sinus lift procedure. This is used when implants are going to be inserted into the upper jaw and tissue loss has reduced the amount of support from gum and tissues for these dental implants. The sinus procedure helps to restore the amount of supporting bone and gum tissue separating the mouth and the sinus cavity. It increases the support by using bone grafts to place bone in position and working with the surrounding tissue to create the support. Also, the amount of intervention that is needed with any procedure depends on the amount of tissue loss and the kind of implant that is going to be installed. A patient who needs this procedure should reach out to their oral surgeon to explore their options. Oral surgeons are specially trained to perform this type of surgery. Feel free to set up a consultation for further information about dental implants.

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