Published: 07/24/2019
the dental implant process Losing a tooth can feel traumatic. However, you can take some solace in the fact there are numerous ways to fill in the gap. One of the most popular options at Canal Calem Periodontics is dental implants. They do require surgery, which can scare some people away, but as long as you get them done by an experienced periodontist like Dr. Mario J. Canal, you have nothing to worry about it. What Are Dental Implants?  The implant itself is a small titanium post the dentist surgically inserts into the jawbone. Over time, it fuses with the bone tissue due to osseointegration. As a result, the implant serves as a replacement for the tooth root. Normally, this root provides stimulation to the jawbone, which keeps it durable. Without that stimulation, the jawbone in that area will begin to degrade. The body resorbs the tissue because it no longer has a function. With implants, you retain more of your natural jawbone and get a sturdier restoration. How Are Implants Applied?  Before doing anything, our dentist will want to perform a comprehensive dental exam, which includes 3D imaging and X-rays. This is to get a thorough model of your teeth and jaw to make sure you qualify for implants. The dentist will also review your medical history and see what medication you are currently taking. Once all that information is available, our dentist will develop your specialized treatment plan. You will receive general anesthesia for the surgery. While you are under, our dentist will surgically place the implant into the bone. It takes several months for the bone to heal, so you will need temporary crowns or dentures in the meantime. At a later appointment, you will receive the permanent structure and enjoy a full, resilient smile. How Should You Proceed?  If you are still unsure about dental implants and wanting more information, Dr. Canal’s staff is here to answer any questions and sway any concerns you might have. Contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Mario J. Canal and the amazing staff at Canal Calem Periodontics. We are conveniently located in the Medford, New Jersey area to better serve your dental needs. Talk to Us About an Appointment