Published: 07/03/2023


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Hello to our Moorestown and Medford communities and beyond! Here at Canal Calem Periodontics, we believe in empowering you with knowledge. With knowledge comes the ability to take control of your health, to make informed decisions, and to cultivate a sense of well-being that permeates every aspect of life.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a subject that affects many of us but is often left unspoken: Gum Disease.

This topic, albeit a bit grim, holds the key to a healthier, happier smile, especially as we age.

Let’s dive in.

What is gum disease? Demystifying the topic..

“What is gum disease?” A question echoes through the hallowed halls of our Moorestown and Medford dental practices, its repetition as constant as the ticking of a clock. But it’s more than just a question.

It’s a quest, an exploration into the depths of oral health; and overall health and wellness.

Gum disease, a phrase as ominous as it is clinical. It whispers tales of complexity, weaves narratives of confusion. But don’t be misled. Underneath its cloak of ambiguity lies a simple truth. Oral health, and oral disease is overall health, or disease.

Imagine gum disease as an uninvited guest, sneaky and insidious. It creeps into the tender, soft tissues embracing your teeth, spreading an infection potent and harmful. Given free rein, this usurper grows bolder, gnawing at the very foundation of your oral health – the strong bone that cradles your teeth.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lays out the reality of this unwelcome intruder in its detailed reports. Picture this: nearly half of adults over the age of 30 are embroiled in a silent battle with some form or another of gum disease. That’s over 47% of our population with their oral health under siege.

And as the sands of time fall, the stakes grow higher. Among the wisest among us, our esteemed seniors aged 65 and over, the percentage surges to a staggering 70%. It’s a confrontation that grows more pressing with each passing year.

These numbers, they’re daunting, aren’t they? They strike a somber chord, their stark reality a vivid testament to the severity of gum disease. But let’s pause and listen closely.

Can you hear it? It’s not the tolling of a bell.

It’s a call to arms.

These figures are not the final act in this play. They’re merely the opening scene, setting the stage for what comes next. They’re an invitation to change, a herald for awareness, a catalyst for action.

They’re a beginning, a prelude, a rallying cry. “Take care of your gums!”

And that’s why we stand here, at the precipice of understanding. It’s why we’re delving into the depths of gum disease, disarming its fearsome aura, and replacing it with the power of knowledge.

Stay with us, Moorestown and Medford. Together, we’ll navigate this journey, from mystery to understanding. Together, we’ll demystify gum disease, and hopefully set you on a path to oral health.


What Causes gum Disease?

In the world of oral health, bacterial plaque plays the villain. Colorless and clingy, it forms a sticky film on your teeth. Here is the beginning of a story, one that whispers of gum disease if left unchecked.

Yet, it doesn’t act alone. In the tale of gum disease, it has many allies, aiding and abetting its relentless march.

Among these, smoking rears its head, puffing out health with each drag. It turns gums into battlegrounds, increasing their susceptibility to infections.

Hormonal changes, like those experienced during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, play their part too. They can tip the scales, making gums more prone to disease.

Diabetes is another accomplice, an unwanted guest that disrupts the balance of oral health.

Some medications, too, can dry up the stream of saliva, a natural mouth rinse.

And then, there’s genetics. For some, the risk of gum disease is an inheritance, a trait passed down through generations.

With all of that said, it may seem as though the deck is stacked against you. That’s why understanding the symptoms of gum disease is so important.

Recognizing the Symptoms

The symptoms of gum disease can be as elusive as a summer breeze in South Jersey. It might start with bad breath that lingers, stubbornly clinging despite your best efforts. It’s a red flag, a silent klaxon calling for attention.

Then, perhaps, you spot a flush of red or a trace of swelling on your gums. Nothing alarming, but something’s off. Eating might become a less enjoyable affair, a painful chew here, a wince there.

It’s a sign, another breadcrumb on the trail to gum disease.

And then, there’s bleeding. It’s alarming, shocking. Gums should not bleed. Not when you’re brushing or flossing. And if they do, it’s a beacon, signaling the advance of gum disease.

As the disease makes itself at home, it might pull your gums back from your teeth. It might loosen your teeth, unmooring them from their sockets. These symptoms aren’t just discomforting – they’re distressing.

But they are also a call to action. The moment you spot these signs, seek professional dental help. From Canal Calem Periodontics in Moorestown and Medford, New Jersey or your local dental clinic.

Your oral health, and by extension, your overall well-being is worth the prompt action.

The Complications: Beyond Your Mouth

gum disease. You might think it’s a tale confined to the realm of your mouth. But it’s not. It’s a plot that thickens, spiraling out and spreading its tendrils, reaching far beyond the oral cavity. It’s not just about losing teeth.

It’s about a cascade of complications, a ripple effect that can touch the shores of your overall health.

Listen to this. It’s important. Gum disease does not live in a vacuum. It’s a silent accomplice, lurking in the shadows, contributing to more sinister health issues. It becomes a part of an ensemble cast, a cog in a complex wheel.

Heart disease, the silent reaper. It claims countless lives, leaving behind a trail of sorrow. Did you know that gum disease is linked to it? That’s right. The same bacterial plaque, the villain of your oral health, can sneak into your bloodstream. It incites inflammation, a fire that can scorch your heart’s health.

And then, there’s the stroke. A disruption of blood flow to your brain. A ticking time bomb, leading to loss of life or lasting disability. It’s a nightmarish scenario. But research suggests a link. Those with gum disease may be more susceptible to strokes.

Diabetes, a relentless rollercoaster of blood sugar levels, finds a friend in gum disease. It’s a two-way street. Diabetes can foster gum disease, and gum disease, in turn, can make diabetes harder to control. It’s a cycle, a revolving door of complications.

And don’t forget about your lungs. Breathing, a basic life function, can become a battle with respiratory diseases. Chronic bronchitis. Pneumonia. Emphysema. It sounds far-fetched, but the same bacteria from your mouth can find its way into your lungs. It’s a journey of a few inches, but the consequences span a lifetime.

The story of gum disease is not just an oral narrative. It’s a whole-body epic, a saga that connects every dot in your system. So, let’s tackle it where it starts. In your mouth. At Canal Calem Periodontics in Moorestown and Medford, New Jersey, or wherever you call home. Because your oral health doesn’t end with your smile. It’s just the beginning.

Early Detection and Prevention: The Canal Calem Way

A journey. That’s what oral health is. And every journey starts with a single step. A stride towards prevention, towards early detection. It’s the Canal Calem way, and it begins right here in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Stop for a moment. Listen to the rhythm of your daily life. Brushing. Flossing. Rinse and repeat. Sounds simple, right? But these mundane rituals, these small moments, they’re the front lines of your battle against gum disease.

Your toothbrush, your dental floss – these are your allies. But you need more. You need a vanguard, an expert eye. That’s where we come in. With regular checkups at our office, we’re your lookouts, your watchtower. We seek out early signs of gum disease. We hunt down tartar build-up. We wage war against dental plaque.

And it’s not just about defense. It’s about offense too. Professional cleanings. Scaling and root planing. Even sedation dentistry. Our arsenal is vast, our methods precise. We adapt, we tailor our tactics to your needs.

For some, the fight may be fiercer. The battle against severe gum disease might seem overwhelming.

But take heart. We have a secret weapon. It’s our ‘Teeth in a Day’ procedure, a marvel of modern dentistry. An opportunity to turn the tide, to regain your oral health.

Remember this, South Jersey. A healthy smile isn’t just a trait. It’s a testament. A testament to an informed mind. So ask, question, explore. Reach out to us, your local ally in gum care. Let’s traverse this journey together.

Stay healthy, Camden and Burlington Counties. We’re here, fighting the good fight, one smile at a time.


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