Published: 03/28/2018
Gum Recession - Moorestown, NJ & Medford, NJ - Ossseous SurgeryIf you have been struggling with periodontal disease that is affecting your smile by causing your gums to recede, it’s time for you to consider Osseous surgery in Moorestown NJ and Medford, NJ. This tried and true method of treating the gum recession caused by advanced gum disease has been used for years and is still used alongside newer methods because it has a track record of success for a wide array of patients. What Is It? This procedure sometimes referred to as flap surgery, is the process of cleaning and reshaping the gums and bone to prevent the advance of periodontal disease while restoring a patient’s smile. This procedure involves a few steps:
  1. Opening the flap of gum on the side of the tooth to gain access to infected tissue
  2. Cleaning the infected tissue and reshaping the remaining healthy tissue
  3. Suturing the flap in place to ensure the tooth is held securely
The process is straightforward, with a minimal recovery time, and that’s a big part of the reason Osseous surgery continues to be the most common periodontal procedure today. Do You Need This Surgery? The only way to know for sure whether it’s time for this procedure is to talk to a periodontist about your gum health today. If you have an existing diagnosis of periodontal disease and other methods of turning the tide in your fight have not worked, this procedure can prevent you from losing excessive amounts of gum tissue while preserving your smile. If you have never been diagnosed with gum disease but you have risk factors like tender, bleeding gums or bad breath, you should make an appointment for a consultation and cleaning, so you can find out more about the risks. The sooner you act on symptoms of periodontal disease, the easier it is to preserve the beautiful smile you have. Call the offices of Dr. Canal and partners at (609) 257-4623 for the Moorestown, NJ office or (609) 257-4483 for the Medford, NJ office or make an appointment online today to see if osseous surgery is right for you. Talk to Us About an Appointment